Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Year, New Things

We had a great time seeing the New Year in. To start we ate until I couldn’t look at another bacon-wrapped sausage. We watched Jools Holland on the telly, sad people that we are. When the clock struck 12 we heard the neighbour’s fireworks and, seeing a crowd gathered, decided to go out and join them. We made it just in time to be swept into a circle holding hands with crossed arms and found ourselves singing Auld Lang Syne with a couple of dozen others. It had snowed just enough to make a pretty white cover.

Then we were invited in to George and Elsie’s house for nibbles and drinks. I forced myself to have a canapĂ© and half a glass of wine but that's really all I could manage at that point. We spent almost two hours talking, mostly with strangers, either standing in the kitchen or sitting in the front room.

The next morning we woke to more snow and we sat watching it out the window for ages. After breakfast we decided to go for a walk in the park. I took my camera and have enough photos for quite a few Christmas cards. It was magic walking in the snow through the trees and while there weren’t many other people about, I noticed those who were also had cameras. We could hear the kids sledding down the hills on the golf course.

We walked in the snow for nearly two hours, until the wind picked up and we decided it was time to go home and get warm and dry again.


Struggler said...

I can't believe how much snow you had! How exciting. I love the photos. They're not at Whitby, are they??

James said...

I love the shot of the ruined building, is it a church? If you have a moment could you share a little information about it? Thanks!

Shelley said...

Dear James and Struggler - the ruined building is Tynemouth Abbey, AKA Tynemouth Priory. You can read a bit about it at

if you are interested.

Struggler said...

Thank you! What a great place to visit, and so atmospheric in the snow!