Sunday, 10 January 2010

Cards for Dorothy & Liz

These cards don't count for 2009 -- I did them this year.

They are made with the empty Christmas card boxes I had on hand, a white shirt I couldn't get the stain out of and pieces of fabric from my stash. I believe the cream coloured piece on the right is some one of the home decorating pieces I brought back from Jane's. It was a dream fabric to work on compared to most that I use. 'Happy Birthday' is cut from a felt scrap someone gave me and I can see why it is so often used in crafting, it is so straightforward. [Which, while I'm thinking of it, a friend from our running club, Terry, sent me a link to his neice's blog quite a while back. She makes beautiful things with felt and is doing very well with it.]

I liked finding a use for the lace, but because the pieces were not quite wide enough to go around the back, I used ribbon (wide on Liz's; narrow on the back of Dorothy's) edging to eek it out.

The back of Dorothy's has a different floral print, but the back of Liz's card is the same as the inside front cover.

Behind the purple lace is a green gauze fabric and behind that is a piece of typing paper. I've avoided using sheerer fabrics before; why on earth didn't I think of using paper to hide any print before? On the other hand, doing stitching on sheer fabric is a challenge because the ends of the threads tend to show too well.

The dark purple band was needed because the pale green 'Liz' just didn't show up otherwise. I discovered that placing cello tape across the letters made them much easier to cut out. Because the print for Dorothy's name was so fine, I printed them in blue and didn't attempt to make fabric cut outs. The taped paper letters are confined to the lace with stitches around, rather than through, them.

I have 3 more to do for the sewing ladies, who constitute the vast majority of people I give birthday cards, and then I can quit. I wouldn't dare not give them all something similar for fear of hurting their feelings. I do these mainly as thanks for all the scraps they give me. I might make a few more in this style, but frankly, I'm ready to move on, craft-wise.


James said...

I finally got some time to read and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your postings. I especially loved the story of Rita. You are a very positive person. Thank you for the good energy you send.

Frugal Scholar said...

I just added you to my blogrooll. Hope that's ok.

Shelley said...

Frugal -- It's way more than OK. I'm really honoured. Thank you so much.

James -- What a nice compliment you've given me, several in fact. Thank you. I'm especially pleased that you liked Rita's post.

Gosh -- I thought I wrote this blog for the sheer fun of the writing, but this is getting even better!