Monday, 11 January 2010

Something for the Men

I think of my blog as being quite a 'girly' blog a lot of the time and when I look at the [gasp...401] blogs I have bookmarked, most of them are written by women about girly subjects. But I have been thinking about you guys and tucking away ideas here and there, mostly about gift ideas for next year, but also about blogs you might enjoy. I like them, too, mind.

Top of my list has to be James, Man of the 50s. His outlook and his topics seem really familiar to me, as though he writes the views of the men in my family. He's not writing about my childhood, but he makes me nostalgic for those days all the same.

If you like nostalgia, you might like Bleat. I've not figured this site out yet, but it seems to be full of astonishing links to things that were in the media when I was growing up. I absolutely must get the sound fixed on this PC so I can enjoy the episodes of Gunsmoke. Come to think of it, what I watched was pretty good even without.

If you are interested in clothing and a certain lifestyle, try Easy and Elegant Life. It's not an easy site to get around in, all links seem to lead to the most recent post which is quite annoying, but if you just go to the calendar list and dip in here and there, you might find some interesting stuff. [Hint: the 'pages' list is not useful and his tags are more interesting, if less accessible, than his categories].

I've not figured this one out either (but I don't actually expect to understand man-stuff any more than I expect to be understood). Judging from his very general phrase about his blog:
"...observations on human nature, the decline of civility, and the ways men and women see the world differently"
I'd guess that if you are a grumpy old man (and that's not in the least derogatory, Bill fitting neatly into that category), you might enjoy To the Manner Born. Or perhaps Middle-Age Cranky would do for you.

If you are at a point in your life where you need some general pointers about man stuff, perhaps you would benefit from The Art of Manliness (and naturally there is a book with that title.) I have a vague idea that this might be aimed at, shall we say 'younger demographic' but not wishing to be ageist, I'll leave it to you to decide.

If you are interested in how French men view life or just want a little escape into thinking about "If you could buy anything, what would it be?" check out this post on A Femme d'un Certain Age.

Of course, you can browse other like-minded blogs using the blogrolls (still reminds me of TP) listed on most sites and waste while away days and weeks of your life on-line. However, just in case you were wondering, Bill's very favourite blog, aside from mine of course, is Dilbert.


Update: Toad (of To the Manner Born) tells me he is an amiable grump and highly recommends Maxminimus. I had a look and I've obviously tread into water too deep. If you understand it and think it's inappropriate, please let me know. Judging from the pictures, the man likes clothes.


TKW said...

Isn't that nice of you, passing on the Manly Love? I'll have to check some of these out!

James said...

Thank you for the mention,you are too kind.What I've enjoyed the most about blogging is finding so many like minded people. Maybe there's hope yet!

James said...

Those notes are a hoot!I think I would have enjoyed a conversation with your father!

Toad said...

Shelly, thank you for the nod. Please get in touch. I take your critique seriously, but am unsure if I understand it. That's the story of my life.