Sunday, 4 July 2010

Happy 4th of July!

We tend to have a quiet day on the 4th of July, much like any other here.  I'm scared of fireworks, they tend to be sold in October/November (for Guy Fawkes Day), not so much in July; and it is burning money anyhow!

If we were in the States, we'd be going somewhere to watch some civic organisation burn their money, maybe near a lake, probably taking with us some food and soft drinks, to eat while sitting on a blanket or on the back of the car.

I did a quick look just now  and, gee, we coulda gone to a US Embassy party!  Except that London and Edinburgh are a fair distance either way and I don't see anything on their website to indicate such an event.  Maybe the recession has something to do with this?

Or we could visit an American restaurant in Newcastle.  (Have you ever been to a "Boss Hogg's"?)  We've been to most of the others and I'm happy to stay home.

Or maybe arrange to meet up with some other Americans, except that none of these locations is very close.  I have met several fellow Americans here, but they've all been passing through.  Frankly, I've found I need more in common than just being from the US to sustain a friendship.

I read at The Happiness Project that she doesn't have a very lively 4th either, but I remember that Flag Cake I was having this time last year.  (Happy Birthday to John for tomorrow). Perhaps I'll have a go at making that sometime.

So, it looks like we'll have a quiet day again here, but 



Rick Stone said...

And a happy Independence Day to our favorite expatriot. We are having a quite 4th also. Middle grand daughter is spending the day. It's cool and overcast so not good weather to hit the pool.

Struggler said...

I hope you enjoyed your day, quiet or not. It's hard being a long way from home on national holidays, if no fuss is made where you're living...

Jersey Mom said...

Fireworks are fun to watch; especially at large events. Our July 4th was pretty quite as well. We just had some BBQ at home & watched cartoons with the kids. =)

Shelley said...

Rick - a cool day in July in Oklahoma? The weather is changing, isn't it?

Struggler - I did get homesick a lot on the 4th during the first few years, but not so much now. Perhaps because the 4th is Bill's favourite time to be in the US and so we have for the laast few years been present for the celebrations - in Oklahoma, Utah and Michigan!

Jersey Mom - BBQ at I could get homesick about that all over again!