Sunday, 25 July 2010

Several Oranges and an Olive

Did you think I forgot to show you the Italian women I photographed on our vacation?  Well, of course I haven't, I've just been saving up, that's all.  Out of the 2000 or so pictures I took in Italy, there are close to 90 of various women, mostly ones I snapped because I liked how they looked.  So here goes.
Orange is a popular colour in Italy and it's no surprise, really.  I think bright colours look great with darker skin tones.  On the other hand, it wasn't necessarily dark skinned Italians who wore the orange.

This woman grabbed my attention with her lovely leather shoes that complemented the bright orange top. 

This woman reminded me of orange sherbet more than anything, next to her strawberry husband.  

I didn't manage to catch this young woman before she turned into the shop, but her orange dress perfectly matched her beautiful hair and she looked like a walking flame!

I noticed this girl initially because of her hair, but she is also carrying an orange purse.

You will have to look closely to find the woman with dark red hair, dressed in a light olive green colour.  I was admiring her clothes, a 3 piece knit set with flowing top and jacket and her lovely leather shoes.  She looked great from the front, but the outfit was -- as knits often are -- rather clingy.  When she turned sideways she was quite round in profile and it was a bit surprising. 

I still thought she looked very smart, but I'm afraid colour of her clothes and her red hair called to mind an olive stuffed with pimento.  That's OK - I like olives!


Jersey Mom said...

I very much enjoyed looking at your orange pictures. =)

Carla said...

Some of us redheads have eyes the color of olives. I have always loved that color on me. I enjoy your blog.

Shelley said...

Jersey Mom - Pleased you like them! I'm never as quick with my camera as I'd like and so generally get 'rear view' photos.

Carla - I'm so pleased you like the blog. I'm enjoying having red hair these past few years (I got bored with being blond, and definitely wasn't ready for grey). I've always wished I had green eyes - as a blond and as a redhead. I do find I can wear colours like orange and some shades of green with red hair that I wouldn't have tried as a blond!