Friday, 23 July 2010

Intensive Night!

I saw this poster in Verona and it struck me in the face.  I can't recall seeing anything remotely similar -- any advert selling a beauty product to men, not like this -- in the UK.  According to Toad, cosmetics for men have definitely arrived in the US.

Given what women have done to themselves over the centuries in the name of beauty,  I was thinking it's about time!  I had to get home to Google translate before I could fully appreciate the ad:

Stomach and Abdomen 

Intensive Night

Reduces circumference while you sleep in 4 weeks' treatment

I'm sure it really works...aren't you?


James said...

It begs the question, why do they call it "Intensive Night"? It doesn't sound like a very pleasant treatment. Anyway thanks for the morning chuckle.

Rick Stone said...

We are being bombarded over here with TV ads for such things as male body wash and other male "beauty" aids. I'm from the old school. Soap and water is about the best thing around along with a decent shaving cream and a sharp razor.

Struggler said...

Hmmm... well, it seems to have worked for their male model!
I must confess, before you translated it, I thought the ad was for a different kind of product altogether :)

Toad said...

I asked but Mrs. Toad says no, curses foiled again.