Friday, 12 June 2009

When Your 61-Year-Old Won't Mind

Well, it's not that he doesn't 'mind', rather that he's out of sorts and doesn't want any food that's offerred, but wants...something. I first came up with crackers and 7-Up (they call it lemonade over here), but no. Macaroni & cheese? No. He settled on milk and, later, fruit yoghurt.

He's had tummy troubles since Monday morning (4:20 am to be precise). He made it to work Tuesday for a few hours. He's been living on milk and yoghurt all week, with the occasional banana.

I was dead on my feet Tuesday and Wednesday, but managed to stay up late enough Wednesday night watching old movies that I was so tired, nothing would wake me. Thursday he finally gave in and decided crackers and 7-Up/lemonade might actually be a good idea, so I went to the store and bought some, also some cheese and soft ice cream; and 4 (yes, 4) boxes of anti-diarrhoeal tablets.

After no nights sleep for either of us -- his stomach growls so loud it wakes me up -- he finally gave in and rang the doctor. Who, miracle worker that she is, told him to keep taking his over-the-counter meds and if he's still sick Monday, call her again. He'll be dead by Monday, because I'll have killed him by then.

Poor guy, he really has been poorly and I just haven't known what to do for him. But I did. Mom always gave me crackers and 7-Up for an upset stomach and it's worked a treat for him.

Just call me Florence bloody Nightingale-not.


Rick Stone said...

Don't know why women don't have a good understanding of when men get sick. It is a know fact that when men are sick they are much sicker than women ever get. All the back through history this has been true. ;->

Anonymous said...

Mine has a cold. Once I went to the medicine cabinet and told him which medicines he could take that wouldn't bother his high BP. And then he decided to take it, he is now improving. Oh well, what do we know!

Anonymous said...

Who is this Rick Stone person? Ahah a man! Anyway love to my brother and hope he is better now. And love to Florence Nightingale as well!