Wednesday, 24 June 2009


This is from a couple of weeks ago now, but just because my running has slacked off with Bill being ill for a week, doesn't mean the pictures aren't still worth sharing. I've not had a long run on a Friday for a while, but I will again, I will...

I'd meant to get out earlier in the day, given that Hazel was bringing lunch at 1 and I wanted to be showered and changed. But it was pouring rain and I kept putting it off. I checked the weather and it was at least going to be 'scattered showers' instead of 'pi**ing down', so I decided to procrastinate and I was so glad I did.

Hazel asked as she was leaving if I was still going for a long run. I told her if Bill got home and I hadn't done it, I'd never hear the last of it. So, about 4 pm I finally pushed myself out the door and headed up to Seaton Delaval, or maybe it's Seaton Sluice, just in between the two. I started where I turned around the last Friday, just at the south end of Collywell Bay Road.

Seaton Sluice is a man made outlet to the sea, created to facilitate the shipment of coal (what else?). The village itself, like most of this area, has a long history. This area is part of Blyth Valley local authority, not North Tyneside where we live. For reasons I've never completely understood, Blyth isn't considered a great area, probably to do with industrial past and current levels of social deprivation, but I have to say I think Blyth Valley council could teach North Tyneside a thing or two. There is a lot around this area that is way cool and I saw plenty of places where I'd be more than happy to find myself living.

It was absolutely gorgeous and I thoroughly enjoyed the run. It didn't seem as long as the first time I ran it, which took me 90 minutes, even though with stopping to take pictures I was actually out for another 17.

I saw a man running the other direction when I set out and again when I turned around ... a long time later. As we crossed paths the second time, I had to smile when he gasped, "Must be mad at this age!"

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