Thursday, 11 June 2009

Tynemouth Lodge Hotel

I've seen this ad a couple of times but recently clipped it to remind myself to tell you about it. We used to go to the Tynemouth Lodge more often that we do now. I can't actually tell you when we were last there - a couple of years maybe. It's not that long a walk, but visiting pubs is not a high priority somehow. When we did go, we often ran into people we knew there. The owner, Hugh, was always very pleasant as well and it was nice to be recognised when we came in.

His ad tells you all the reasons it's the best pub in the area:

18th Century Free House, trading as a public bar since the reign of George II

NO music
NO televisions
NO hot food
NO wi-fi
NO pub games
NO short measures

I've no experience of the last, to my knowledge, but all the other items on the list constitute the most annoying things -- other than children's play areas and kids running in and out where they aren't actually allowed -- I've encountered in pubs over the years. The Tynemouth Lodge is a place you can go and talk to people; except that it does such a 'roaring' business you end up yelling to make yourself heard. I think that's one of the main reasons we quit going -- he was just too successful!

It's still a way cool place, and his blog shows some great historical pictures of the place. He's also got some great ideas for the government regarding finance.

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