Friday, 26 June 2009

90 - Part II

I've long admired these houses, completely unlike most of the brick houses around this area -- they look like they belong somewhere overlooking a beach. I love that they are 3 stories tall and have a balcony on the front and deck on the back. The Blyth Valley planners were quite forward thinking in permitting this style of house.

If you looked at the course route on the first "90" post, you may have noticed that much of it was off the road. That is because of this path, created through the dunes by Blyth Valley council. The dunes are a nature reserve and the path is used

for walking/running and cycling by loads of people. There are children's parks, toilet facilities and public art scattered along the path, as well as trails leading down to the beach and signs explaning why the dunes are protected (I didn't stop and read any; they aren't very legible anyhow, salt water doing what it does).

I've never much liked this path before, having done a couple of races and been frustrated by the

multiple hills and curves. I have never appreciated the dunes either, just lumpy bunches of really coarse grass. I changed my mind on this run.

You're just never going to believe me, are you, when I tell you how lousy the weather is over here?


Anonymous said...

Looks like a lovely place for a ....... walk!

Anonymous said...

The scenery is great. It should be an insentive to get out more.