Thursday, 4 June 2009


It was a glorious day at the start of the run: the sun was shining, there was a moderate breeze,

the tide was full in and the sea was full of amazing colours.

And then the camera quit working. I thought it was the batteries, but turns out the card was full -- of picture from Prague. And on my return journey those clouds let loose.

Running along the clifftops with horizontal rain stinging your face is not great. On the other hand, the satisfaction that follows completing a long run is worth the minor hardships.

Last Sunday when the weather was completely un-North-of-England-like (sunny, 76 F, whispery breeze), Bill and I took a drive/walk and some pictures along the same way I had run.

The tide was out and so it was a different scene althogether. Even more surreal to me were jams of traffic along the coast, the masses

of people out on the beaches and sidewalks in various state of undress. I was driving and so couldn't take pictures, and perhaps this is for the best, really.

The end of my run was just beyond this wonderful pub, the Delaval Arms, which sits at the top of a hill overlooking the country on two sides and the sea on a third.

We took a slightly different way back to the car, not doubling back on the cliffs, but taking the public foot path past the viewing area of a nature reserve.

This heron might have been posing for his photo, he was so still, but he was actually waiting to catch a fish.

There have been many times I thought that my runs were a good walk spoiled (how Bob describes the game called golf), but next Friday, I shall continue my way north up the coast to Blyth...


Anonymous said...

Great scenery. I could spend all my time at a coast watching the clouds and water.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Looks like a pretty part of the world! I love the lighthouse picture.