Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sheets of Class

Bill has always preferred to have his bed sheets ironed, something it never occurred to me to do when I lived in the US. However, since he has demonstrated willingness to do this and other parts of ironing over the years, I have gone along with it and ironed sheets (pillow cases, duvet covers, linen tea towels...).

Recently, he saw something on TV that discussed differences between the classes here in England, a subject of considerable interest, I can tell you. On the programme it indicated that ironing in sheets was ‘so working class’. He has since declared that sheets need not – indeed, should not – be ironed.

I wonder what else we might convince him was ‘working class’?

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Anonymous said...

I thought not ironing everything had to do with available time. When I was being taught to iron at home Mother had me iron everything from washcloths to underwear. Once I got married and was working I figured out what came out of the dryer that didn't have to be ironed and I couldn't shake out and hang.