Saturday, 8 February 2014

Bill's New Hobby

Bill traveled to Manchester earlier this week to pick up the new (to us) motor home. It is a Hobby 600. It is smaller than the Tabbart (easier to drive) and also has

  • a much nicer finish on the cabinets, 
  • a more informative control panel, 

Apparently it's best to put the dining table on the bed when driving...may have
to think about alternatives.

  • more storage space inside and out,
  • a more secure locking system,
  • a front door for the passenger,

  • a passenger chair that swivels around to face the back,
  • storage cupboards around the top of the vehicle except above the back door,
  • useful trays and drawers in the kitchen cupboards,

  • a bed at the back that stays down,
  • a second bed in the 'dining area',
  • seat belts for two additional passages,
  • a folding curtain that separates the bed and loo at the back from the rest of the cabin,

  • a better (lower) bike rack,
  • a ladder up to the roof
  • a roof rack for additional storage.
I haven't got my head around all the cupboards but I suspect there is more capacity than we actually need; I shall try to resist the urge to fill it all.

No immediate plans for any trips.  Need to think about that...

It also could use some curtains to close off the cab at night and possibly to dress up the windows, though they have the usual screens and shades for privacy.  The upholstery is a bit weird with beige, caramel and cool greens on a background that I can't decide whether it's blue, grey or purple.  So I need to think about that as well...

Best of all maybe?  It comes with a 12-month warranty!


Vivien Hollyoak said...

The new "Hobby" is very elegant. I love the upholstery - very summer and holiday like - why not live with it for a while?

Shelley said...

Vivien - I expect I'll have to live with it. I might be able to tackle recovering the seats in the back, but the driver and passenger chairs are another story. I don't mind the colours, but that print is a bit modern for me. It's a small thing, though. I'm more keen to find out what living in the thing is like.

Gam Kau said...

My husband and I have always wanted to try out a motorhome - did you find it very daunting to learn how to drive and take care of one when you first started? It looks like a lovely setup and a lot of fun!

Heather Semon said...

Just think of all the fun and memories headed your way...or you will be headed toward them. In any case, I love this and it makes me miss my camping trailer!

Shelley said...

Gam Kau - I must admit I've never driven either of the motor homes. We buy left-hand drive vehicles (meant for driving on the right side of the road) as we spend most our time on the continent. This year we are likely to be in Britain (where they drive on the left side of the road). Bill can manage this, but I wouldn't push my luck. I deal with the inside, stocking clothes, housewares (RV wares?) and food; he deals with the stuff outside (I'm very lucky that way, though I do feel I need to know more about how things operate, just 'in case'.) BTW I did check out that website you mentioned. Comparing the few prices I knew off hand, they were more expensive than my local supermarket; I suspected this might be the case since they are mainly 'organic'. That's not a high priority for me.

Heather - Of all the things I miss living here in Britain, I miss having summer the most. Living near the North Sea like we do, it is rarely warm enough to wear summer clothes, so I really do enjoy our time on the Continent where the temperatures are more summery!

Thrifty Mom In Boise said...

Love the new motorhome. I looked back at your Tabbart and you did a fantastic job sprucing it up. Initially I didn't like the upholstery in our RV either but as time went on I got to where I don't mind it at all. Surprised me. I always want to change stuff. Enjoy your new home away from home.

Gam Kau said...

I agree with you about missing a real summer Shelley. I'm American living in GB as well and it took me a few good years to get used to the weather and the long dark winter months. Now I don't mind it. I don't think I could ever drive a motorhome, definitely not park it! My husband can drive a left hand drive and drive it here, but there is no way I could do that. And even switching back and forth from here to the US takes me adjustment time. Still, I'm very curious about life in a RV because it's a little fantasy I've harbored since I was little. Reminds me of a snail or turtle carrying their home on their back. Look forward to seeing your upcoming journeys in your new RV. :)

sanda said...

Your new motor home looks so nice! Nice to be able to get away in one and amble about the countryside. We've never owned one, but I could see getting addicted to such a lifestyle.