Sunday, 12 June 2011

Wooden Cars

Knowing that Bill likes old cars I often snap photos of them when I see them.  I'm not sure why, when it's his thing more than mine. 

In this case, though, I was intrigued by the wood trim on the thing.  Cars are supposed to be made of metal, not wood!

And look at the doors that open at the back.  It's a sort of station wagon ("estate car" in English), but with French Doors or something and no back seat.  Or maybe it's just a two seater of the day.  

And it's tiny.  Two adults would completely fill the front seat.  When this car was manufactured, people were definitely skinnier than they are now.  Maybe if we all had to drive tiny little cars we'd eat less, like having a tight pair of jeans (before Lycra) as a constant reminder...


Boywilli said...

This is a Morris Minor Traveller. Its actually one of the last ones made with the new big 1250cc engine. It was a midsize family car with seats for 2 adults and 3 kids. The back seats folded down flat to make more carrying space.
We had little cars in Europe back then when you were driving round in 20ft long monsters. Remember when we wanted to build a small car we ended up with something that would fit in the trunk of the average Detroitmobile

Jo said...

Those cars are called woodies. I can remember them as a kid. My uncle had one. Nancy had a woodie look-a-like. They had the woodie trim added to her PT Cruiser.

Rick Stone said...

In the 40's & early 50's there were many station wagons with wood trim. They were called "Woodies". Now you pay extra if you want a Woody but it is not actual wood but painted to appear like wood. Sister-in-law, Nancy, has a Woody Chrysler PT Cruiser.

Anonymous said...

Who was the maker of this vehicle? And I'm wondering if the interior trim was also in wood.

I know that in the states, "woodies" are collector's items, but I don't think they are this small.