Saturday, 18 June 2011

Thrifty Fix

I read this post ages ago (maybe even in March 2009 when it was written).  Taking an asthma tablet is part of my night time routine and so water and a glass are a fixture in the bedroom.  I also try to drink more water; I don't have a definite goal, just more than I do now, which isn't that much.  I haven't consumed the recommended two litres a day since I was training for the London marathon 10 or 11 years ago...I spent all my time in the loo as I remember.  

It seemed to me that having water handier than coffee would help and so perhaps a carafe in the East wing might be useful.

I liked this lady's idea and found a way to copy it.  My solution was a wide mouthed glass we had on hand and a coffee jar...  I get a ridiculous amount of satisfaction in finding this sort of solution.  It's a far better 'fix' than shopping gives, but perhaps that is an acquired outlook.

Of other possible note: 
  • lamp from flea market
  • salvaged night stand painted by Bill
  • heart with lavender from Rita
  • worn coaster recovered with scrap of old towel
  • Books by Jill Paton-Walsh and Shiela Quigley


frugalscholar said...

i need to do that. Didn't Jill Paton Walsh write "The Green Book"? My kids loved it--and so did I.

Shelley said...

We have just read the Attenbury Emeralds by Jill Paton-Walsh and it's FABULOUS! I'd not heard of The Green Book - not likely I'll be paying $95 or whatever to! She is a great writer.