Saturday, 11 June 2011


A couple of our neighbours have tried their hand at topiary.  This train is obviously a source of great satisfaction for the old gentleman who created and maintains it.  His office is at the front of the house and, seeing me taking photos, he came out to talk with me about his remarkable hedge.  This is a different picture I took on the fly as we were walking past; must look for those other photos some time, but they were taken with a different camera, I believe.

Another neighbour has what I would have sworn was a snail.  

It used to have sharper 'feelers' than this.  It would be a fitting creature to have around here as snails are a definite feature in the warm-ish wet weather that passes for summer.  

Bill thinks this is morphing into a cat, which would also be appropriate, as there are many of those around here as well and they are often seen perched on the walls, waiting for a word and a scratch from passers-by.

What do you think...a cat or a snail that needs a trim?


Jo said...

I would vote for a cat.

Rick Stone said...

Looks like a fat dog to me.

Anna at the Doll House said...

Hello Shelly

I think this creature has collapsed in a state of inibriation.


Shelley said...

Anna - I like that! A drunken snail! They recommend beer to trap and drown the things here, something I've never resorted to. Why would I spent money so they can die happy?