Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I’ve fallen off my posting schedule again, I know.  First of all my computer decided it didn’t want to know about the Internet any more; Bill said it was the physical connection that wouldn’t work any more.  I’m hoping to replace the old PC with something more modern, but at present am still shopping.  Meanwhile, I need to use Bill’s computer, awkward for both of us.  That’s one obstacle.

Way back when we had our front porch re-built I insisted that the builder make our front door open outwards.  He argued with me about it, but I thought it was because he’d have to re-do what he’d started as he gave me no other reason.  I can now give you two very good ones:

  • One has to push visitors out of the way to let them in
  • The prevailing wind from the SW catches the door and threatens to send it to Denmark if one doesn’t keep hold of it, sometimes a real challenge

As part of addressing the latter I placed a large cut stone where it might save the door’s hinges in the event that the door escaped someone’s grip.  That turned out to be another obstacle, one not for the door.

Last Thursday morning we were setting off to walk to the library and the post office.  I turned around to say something about the weather to Bill and somehow fell over my own door stop.  Books went flying, shins and knees are grazed, purple and green (but then Green was the chosen colour for May anyhow) and my ribs landed with a thud on top of my camera lens, making me wish again that I had one of those nice small, flat kinds. 

We managed to finish our errands following the application of a band-aid but I’ve not been running since.  We went to Mike’s for the wedding tea as planned on Friday but I came home and went back to bed and stayed there until Saturday night.  At 55 I don’t bounce so good and my every muscle felt aggrieved.  These things happen, though, and it’s not serious at all.  We’ve been walking a lot and I hope to try a short run again tomorrow, ribs permitting.

It seems a small thing, really, a few sore muscles, but I found I just couldn’t make myself deal with the runaround of moving text and photos between computers on top of feeling yuk.  However, must get back on track…

I just wanted to let you know you weren’t forgotten!  


Jo said...

Ouch! Why do things hurt more and take longer to heal as we get older?

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Best of luck replacing your PC. When I have computer problems it sadly feels like the end of the world; and to think we did quite fine without them just a few decades ago! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog today. I really appreciate you stopping bye!

Hope you enjoyed your cupcakes?

Deb : )

The English Organizer said...

Oh, poor you. The last time I had to bounce was when I was about 35 (out running, distracted by a dog and tripped) and I can absolutely confirm that anyone over the age of 20 no longer bounces well.
Take care!!

Anna at the Doll House said...

How lovely to find your blog.
I am from Newcastle myself, though now live in Norway. Which leads me to your outward-opening front door.
In my experience, we have prepared ourselves for many of the big cultural differences when moving to another country but it is often the trivial everyday things which come as a surprise. Here, for instance, you press electrical switches - up for on and - down for off; internal doors have a threshold, often several cm. high and front doors open outwards.
I have been told that in an emergency, the outward-opening door makes it easier to exit the house and you could even kick-it open if you have the strength. On the other hand, an intruder would have trouble kicking his way in.
Because all doors are like this, people know to stand aside after ringing the doorbell. So, apart from this problem, you've done the right thing.
Hope your bruises are fading.

Shelley said...

Joanne - I don't know, but Bill and I agree that injuries like this really knock one's confidence and make you feel a lot older for a while...

Deb - Welcome! And how exciting to move from Texas to Scotland! You'll be even further north than we are and you're starting out further south than I did...boy are you in for some changes! Get in touch if I can help with information of any kind, though I know there are differences between England and Scotland as well as between the US and UK. I know you'll have loads of fun with the change!

Pauline - I often trip when I pass pedestrians, particularly if they speak or make eye contact. How can running take so much concentration that one bit of distraction and you're down? Must not be very coordinated after all...

Anna - How exciting that you are from Newcastle and now live in Norway - where they have loads of wind as well, I'm sure. One of the men from my running club is a proud Norseman - well, his mother immigrated to Morpeth from Norway. I'm pleased to know there are some advantages to an outward opening door and that I wasn't completely foolish. It is brilliant that both of us, with back packs or grocery bags can fit into the porch and we can close the porch door to the weather before opening the front door to the house...that was my thinking anyhow. Hope you come back and visit some more!