Thursday, 19 May 2011

Year of Style - May

The theme for May is ‘sensuality’.  Personally, I'd say it was still a bit too chilly around here to be entirely in touch with one's senses, but then again, it looks lovely outside - through the window, anyhow.

Some of Frederic’s ideas I liked best for May were

Take a week’s vacation from watching television. Listen to music or read instead. This pretty much describes our lifestyle 12 months of the year!

Resolve to foreswear black until September – except in the evening. Easier said that done, but one of the reasons I’ve tried to assign other colours to the months, to get out of the black habit (no pun intended…).

Refrain from fidgeting. Learn to keep your hands still when you aren’t not doing anything. Better advice for me would probably be: Refrain from not doing anything: learn to keep your hands busy.

Overcome your self consciousness once and for all. Think of others, and soon you’ll forget to think about yourself. Brilliant advice.  Very Eleanor Roosevelt-ish.

The most valuable of arts is the art of living. Cicero.  Don't know much about Cicero, but he had lots of insight; also a lot to say about old age.


Jg. for FatScribe said...

loved the "black habit" comment. classic. now cicero, is that pronounced with the "new" latin (reference Goodbye Mr. Chips). another good one, shelley! ;)

BigLittleWolf said...

Oooooo. I love this. Devoting May to sensuality. (What might that lead to for the month of June?)

I'm not sure I could give up black though. But I do believe we should try to add more color wherever we can. It perks us up immeasurably.

I'm also for adding a touch of candlelight and music at dinnertime. Okay, my sons would laugh at me and shake their heads. But if I can round up a hot date (and give them $20 and the car keys), then we might be talking...