Sunday, 29 May 2011

More of York

So what else is there to see and do in York? Well, there is Betty's. Bill ordered the ‘house tea’(I learned something new there) and toasted teacakes.Jerry said just what I’ve always thought –English tea cakes are exactly like American hamburger buns except they have raisins in. They seemed so familiar I found myself reassuring them that toasted teacakes are a very traditional British food.

Barry (at the York Minster) had told us about the soldiers' names scratched in the glass at Betty's.

We found them downstairs near the loos.

Then we had to go see the Shambles.
It’s an old street in York that used to be lined with Butcher’s hooks; the hooks are still visible in places.

It’s all very pricey tourist tat now, aimed at Richamericans.That’s not too foolish, when you think about it.If you have the money to travel abroad, you can’t be too poor, can you?

The main appeal of the Shambles is that the tops of the houses seem to almost come together at the top and the cobbled street makes you think you're in the 14th century.

The trapezoid shape of this window reminds me of some of my cheaper handkerchiefs.

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