Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Meeting Up in York!

I don’t do much with Facebook – my email and my blog get all my time and effort – but I am grateful to FB for putting me in touch with various old friends.  Jan and I worked together in Oklahoma City for many years but we lost touch when I left for Utah.  She contacted me a few weeks ago via Facebook as she and her husband Jerry were coming over to Britain for a vacation.  I confess to having had mixed feelings about this.  There are any number of people who have come across, practically demanded that I travel to London and be their tour guide and then disappeared as though they never knew me.  My fault, I suppose, for being too accomodating.  However, I'd been really fond of Jan and thought it was at least worth a go.  Between Bill's and my other commitments and their itinerary, York looked like the best place to meet up and so we did.

I love the train stations on the NE railway line.  I think of them as Victorian industrial cathedrals; I'm sure that's not an original thought.  We met up at Bootham Bar on the basis that it was midway between their B&B and the train station; also Bill reckon it afforded a shelter from any rain. 

Jan hasn’t changed much at all and we spotted each other immediately.  I introduced Bill and then let him and Jerry sort themselves out – Jan and I had 20 years to catch up on!  Not that we did of course, but by the time we were inside the Yorkminster, Bill said I was talking ‘Okie’ again.  I never recognise it, but I’m sure he’s right; I’m just susceptible that way.

We only spent the day there, walking with a few tea breaks.  I think we managed to show them the essential sights and of course I'll be sharing those with you.  We might have squeezed in another museum or two, but we weren't sure what would really interest them, we just enjoyed talking with them a lot and also, they needed to save their strength for London.

Jerry was brave enough to rent a car and drive for most of this trip, something I certainly wouldn't have recommended, but I'm sure it was memorable for them and figuring out public transport can be daunting - not to mention having to carry your luggage everywhere.  They had good things to say about nearly every B&B they used, all but one having been recommended by Rick Steves, so I thought I'd pass that tip along.  Funny enough, some of the B&B people don't seem to know who Rick Steves is, which I found interesting; do they ever wonder why their business has suddenly picked up?

Anyhow, we had a great day out with Jan and Jerry and are looking forward to keeping in touch in future.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Shelley & Bill,
We enjoyed reading your blog!
Spending that day in York with you guys was the highlight of our entire trip!

Thank you for coming down to meet up with us and for the great memories.

We love you guys,
Jan & Jerry in Oklahoma