Wednesday, 22 October 2008

New Porch

Naturally as soon as I left work the house decided to crumble. Or maybe I just had more time all the sudden to notice what had been happening all along. That said, we knew the porch would need repair soon anyhow, as the rotting wood just wouldn't be mended with caulking and paint anymore.

We'd had an estimate last year for an idea of extending it into something more like a conservatory and adding a downstairs loo and a storage space. However, I couldn't justify spending £36,000 just to avoid walking upstairs, so we ended up just having the porch windows and door replaced with PVC double glazing.

Builders must be doing very well, as about 2/3 of the companies I contacted didn't bother to (a) return phone calls; (b) show up when they said they would (or at all if re-arranged); (c) submit written estimates after they've done the measurements and made notes. So far, touch wood, they do show up to do the work if you get them that far, though they put you off for a month and then call at 7pm to say they are coming the next morning (and wouldn't you know I had company coming for lunch).

In spite of having agreed otherwise, the outside door was initially put in opening into the porch. This is a small space and if you are carrying anything at all or there are two of you, it was impossible to close the front door and then open the porch door. I think the whole point of having that entry porch is to keep the cold wind outside.

The boss came out to talk with me and I think it cost him to have another door made, but I stuck to my guns. I'm very soft and found it difficult, but I couldn't see the point of paying for something I didn't want and I was positive we'd discussed the door, because he had tried to talk me out of it. I'm glad I stood fast because the new porch is lovely.

My last shopping trip I opened the outside door, unloaded the boot (trunk) into the porch, closed the outside door, then opened the door into the house to take the groceries into the kitchen at the back. It gave me a lot of satisfaction, particularly as autumn (with the occasional winter-ish) days are definitely here.

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