Thursday, 23 October 2008

"Safe" Place Discovered

You know that sense of 'I knew it!', sort of like telling yourself 'I told you so'? Well, of course it was always going to happen -- just 3 days later in this instance.

Yep. I found what I'd done with the battery charger. It was in the bag I carry the camera in when we travel, along with the batteries.
(Note I've carefully avoided naming the bag as it doesn't translate well). The connection for downloading pictures onto the PC wasn't with it, but I found that in Bill's box of cords and miscellaneous other electronic gadgetry.

I had hung the bag in my spare closet, not having a good idea for where else it should live. In my parents' house, what photographical equipment wasn't in my Dad's darkroom in the garage resided in the bathroom cabinets of all places. This is why as a child I was always so fascinated by my friends' bathroom cabinets full of fluffy, folded towels.

I'm firmly blaming my parents rather than owning up to senility. Tell me, where do normal people keep their cameras?
I'd be really grateful to know...

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Rick Stone said...

At home it sits on my desk and in the coach it sits on the console right by the driver's seat. I try never to be more than arms length from a camera when the need arises. This really comes in handly when one of the grand daughters comes over and does something cute.