Monday, 27 October 2008

Let Them Eat (Carrot) Cake

Photo carefully constructed to show remaining half, the first half having disappeared within 24 hours (and I'm not the one with the sweet tooth). It looks a bit well done, but I promise it tastes just fine!

I bought too many carrots and needed to use some up. A few got steamed and frozen, others went into a rice dish for dinner, a few others into soup for lunch. Bill keeps hinting that the cake is contributing to his healthy intake of vegetables. Does that sound right to you? On the other hand, he did paint the front porch and put in a new floor, paint the back porch floor and he's just pulled up the carpet in the bathroom to explore the possibilities there...

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Joanne said...

Cake looks wonderful. Rick's dad is supposed to cut down on his sweets so I had thought about making a carrot cake. I will have to try it. But you know, that here in the US it will be from a package.