Wednesday, 29 October 2008

I'm Contagious!

I was telling Bill the other day I felt more and more a part of the sewing group, which is lovely. They are a bunch of really nice women ladies (their preferred name) and they do seem to be taking to me, in spite of the fact that they think (know?) I'm bonkers. They figured that out out when I began collecting the shavings from the overlock machine, the bits of fabric they cut off trousers, skirts and curtains and basically any leftover from their fabric or yarn crafts. They thought that was pretty hilarious, but when I showed them that I did actually use it, they decided I was merely eccentric and probably harmless; they've even been contributing bits and pieces! ( I'll show you what I do with it one day soon.)

Dorothy brought some sheer fabrics a couple of weeks ago to show me how to make little drawstring bags and also some odds and ends of novelty yarns. Norma has taken to bringing me hangers from the dry cleaned priests' robes she picks up and gave me a huge cone of royal blue thread/yarn. Ruby brought me some 'funky fur' yarn, leftover from a completed project.

What I was really pleased about was that yesterday Dorothy said she decided to 'do a Shelley', referring to her idea of taking a big square scarf that she didn't wear and make it into smaller scarves that she would use (and then she gave me the left over scraps). It was a gorgeous black and white print in a very silk-like, if not actual silk, fabric and everyone was pleased with her results. She used the border print to make a long narrow scarf (with a seam at the back of the neck) and make the middle portion into a wider rectangular shape. Dorothy tends to wear silk scarves as mufflers rather than bulkier knitted ones, so I know she will get a lot of use out of these scarves. She has just the right shade of black-and-white / grey hair as well, to go with the black and white print.

Nearly every one of these ladies is at least 20 years older than I and any one of them has forgotten more about sewing and crafting than I will ever know. Still, I now feel as though I'm making my own little contribution to the group, and that's why I feel I belong.

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