Sunday, 10 April 2011

Bill Takes a Walk - Part Two

Bill's been out there walking quite a while now; guess it's time to bring him home, eh?  (Esp. since I showed you a 30 mile map and photos from two separate walks.  Just ignore what I write and look at the pictures, OK?)

He encountered a number of pieces of 'public art'. 

This is fairly common stuff in the North East.   This one is called Woodpecker.


I showed you some when I was on a run one day.

This similar piece was called an 'all weather seat', the carvings showing the sun, the wind and the rain.

This one was called the West Wind.  


It's not just a row of iron bars, 


there are blue coloured mosiac stones affixed to one side of them.   


Is this Art?  Who knows...

Even the bollards were artistic, which was kind of nice.

Now we come to the end of Bill's trek:  The Angel of the North.  


It's quite large as you can see and a major feature off the main road - the A1 between London and Newcastle, between London and Edinburgh for that matter.  


It's considered an icon of the North East, though I still think of the Tyne Bridge as filling that role.  


One could spend all day arguing whether a giant metal statue is a good use of £1 million, but instead, 


Bill hopped on a bus that took him to the nearest Metro, which carried him back home. 


Boywilli said...

"The West Wind" by Laurent Reynes 1996 - must be art cos he is an artist

featherfactor said...

Such interesting photographs - never seen all these examples of outdoor art before. Thank you for sharing!