Wednesday, 27 April 2011

H&M Visit

 Helen & Martin came for a visit last weekend, as Martin was going to do a local race.  I think I mentioned that he’s taken up running.  I know he’s a true convert because he can talk about it for as long as a person might do a training run and poor Helen is practising patience.  It’s a sure sign.  I wasn’t going to do the race, but Bill was.

They arrived Saturday evening with flowers, bless them.

Then we had a cup of coffee and then wandered down to the Gate of India for a delicious meal of about a million calories.  Personally, I wouldn’t choose curry for the night before a race but these two guys did it and lived to tell the tale. 

The next day was glorious, the best so far this year (she said, optimistically); it may well be the summer for all we know.  Helen took the guys down to the start so I had a leisurely morning.  

Then I realised I could walk down to where the runners would pass along the promenade and snap some photos.  I saw several people from our running club, but never did spot Bill and Martin, though I arrived just as the front runners zipped past. 

I almost wished I had entered, people looked like they were enjoying themselves so much, but it was only the first mile or so after all.

It has often occurred to me that the perfect conditions for running (slightly cool, perhaps even with a drizzle) are not nice otherwise, but I've done many a run or race thinking it would be far more pleasant if I were walking or picnicking.  Just can't be pleased, can I? 

I had time to go back for a cup of coffee and to check my emails, then I got in the car and drove up to the race finish to pick the guys up.  Martin was a little disappointed in his time, but said he'd do it again. He went on at length about how pretty the views were, reminding me how lucky I am to live in this area. Bill was relatively pleased with his time, later discovering he was within 2 seconds of his time for the race last year.

Helen was off meeting up with friends from her University days at Newcastle and had watched the race from another vantage point in the village.  Martin grabbed a shower and then went off to meet her and her friends for lunch.  They had a day packed full of similar gatherings in Newcastle and Durham before returning home to Manchester.

After Bill showered and we had lunch – we’ve switched from hearty soups to lighter salads to celebrate slightly warmer weather – we went for a walk, visiting a few places we’ve not been for a long time.  But that's another post...

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The English Organizer said...

What a beautiful running route!
And I absolutely agree; ideal running conditions can be quite different from walk/picnic/enjoy conditions ;)