Sunday, 17 April 2011

Daddy's Birthday

I'm fortunate enough to still have my Dad's high school year book, from 1933.  From it, I know that in 1933 he and my Grandparents lived in Milwaukee.  

Even back then, students collected autographs.  Some of the signatures (mostly from girls, I notice) include:

Loads of Luck to a good English student Hey what.  Marie D.

Your and old tease but your not so bad.  Hope you have a nice summer.  Ruth M. (who apparently wasn't so good at English).

You've been an inspiration in Bio but without it. (does that means something to you?) I'll be seeing you.  Rosemary B.

Good luck to a nice kid.  Doris F.

Too bad you didn't go tobogganing anymore.  Good luck.  Muriel.  

Loads of luck Lyle.  You need it.  Oillie

To Lyle, A sweet little dark haired boy.  Sophia G.

Good luck to you my sweet hearted Lyle.  Mary M.

Loads of luck to you Lyle.  You were naughty, but nice.  Florence.

Lyle, I enjoyed being in your English class.  Claribell H.

Lyle, Remember the night of the toboggan party?  Best of luck.  Mrs. Faith

Lyle (alius bugs).  Don't get into any more trouble at school - naughty boy for smoking - Baxter seems to like buggy people like you, eh what?  Nerts to you.  Dink.

Dear Lyle, I am wishing you a lot of luck.  Joyce.

Good luck with the girlfriend.  Fred K.

Hello - I don't know you either, but you've got a lot of what it takes to get along!  Joannie M.

Don't forget that good old English class!  Eldora

Something in German from Lorraine that starts out with 'I love you'; maybe this is the girlfriend...

Loads of luck in your exams.  Anne.

I wish I could write something real nice in here, but it wouldn't be proper.  Alice S (rusty hair)

Just a good old pal.  Harriet H.

Remember the swell times, mostly the beach party.  Joanne N.  PS Oillie told me to write that.  Blame him.

Lyle.  Best of luck.  Hope next time the beach party will be more of a success for you.  Marge.

Dear Lyle - you wise-cracker.  How about doing going roller skating sometime?  Mary B.

One more sem. in the same room with you will certainly change me.  Patty

Latin, geometry, Biology.  I'll be glad when they are dead, you rascal you.  Anita B.

Loads of luck to a great big junior (he was graduating his Sophomore year)Janet R.

It's a good thing I saw what you put in my annual before I took yours, your annual is better off because of it.  Marian C.

My Dad scrawled his name on the front cover (followed by Esq. and Sr. I believe).    Someone else wrote in the top corner of the cover: 
Ego solus sto.  Sed Ubi?  (in the corner)
Translated, it means something like "Alone I stand.  But in what place?" ( the corner...)    

Aren't sophomores clever?  Perhaps there is a case for ditching one's old yearbooks...I've no idea where mine are, thank goodness!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!  Love you bunches & bunches! Shelley.


Jo said...

Your Dad and Rick's Dad have the same Birthday. We had a party for his 92nd at the assisted living facility this afternoor. Many more.

Anonymous said...

Did your dad ever share the story of what happened at the tobagon (sp) party?

Shelley said...

Joanne - Seems a major coincidence until you realise how many people there are in the world and only 365 possible dates... I share my BD with Bill's first wife - how's that for him having convenience?

Terri - Nope. I never saw the annual til after he was gone and so I've no clue. One of life's mysteries!