Friday, 20 August 2010

Some of My Friends are Insane

Some friends of ours were involved a few months ago in doing the Bob Graham Round.  I'd never heard of it and until I collected some articles for a newsletter I edit, I didn't appreciate what was involved.   

This is basically a fell running race with the clock, over 42 peaks totalling about 18,000 feet, and ranging between 62 and 72 miles.  You choose some aspects of your route, or maybe this is to do with varying GPS measurements.  This has to be completed within 24 hours in order to qualify for club membership.  Of course that means that for part of the race, you'll be running up (and down) mountains in the dark; this makes the longest day in late June a very popular date to choose.  Joining the club entitles you to a group get-together for dinner.  Every other year.  There has to be an easier way to get a social life, I say.

© Map courtesy of the Bob Graham 24 Hour Club

Colin and friends spent their weekends for months in the Lake District doing reccy, finding pacers sufficiently fit to keep up, planning strategy and the logistics of food and clothing.  Some areas need road shoes, other require fell shoes.  Someone had to do the 'ungodly hour' part to supply food and such in the middle of the night.  He'd planned to do it last year, but things fell through.  However, it all finally came together this year.  Colin did it in 23 hours and one minute.   

I wonder if it niggles him, that one minute.  I've heard many a marathon runner regret going over the aimed for hour by a few seconds.  Colin is quoted as having said at the end, "Never again."

In my experience it's usually best never to say 'Never'.  If he's crackers enough to do it once, I'm guessing there's at least half a chance he'll do it again.

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