Sunday, 22 August 2010

Last of the Women in Italy

These are the younger ones, in case you thought there weren't any women under 50 over there.

As usual, my photos are from odd angles.  


For example, the woman in brown was not the subject, it was the one in front of her dressed in black top, capri-length leggings and sandals.  Over it all she had a sheer black jacket the same length as the leggings and it struck me how the jacket made it all seem less casual.

Whereas the girl with the black leggings and the purple print top/dress had added a black knit shawl.  I couldn't wear a black knit shawl, but it looked great on her.

On the boat in Venice, the woman in purple 

had been shopping and was determinedly colour coordinated.

In Genoa, the couple at the table were probably work colleagues, all very serious in black until I spotted those electric blue shoes.  

I loved the prints these two women were wearing.

And Bill was very pleased to have spotted a photographic session in progress with that poor young woman rolling around on the concrete.  

You may not be able to see it, but if she is the coming fashion, extra large mesh fishnet stockings will be 'in' as well as fishnet...?arm warmers?  Better her than me...


Struggler said...

Wow, they really do have a certain something, don't they.
Although, I'm really not sure I aspire to roll around on concrete wearing fishnets :)

Shelley said...

It's amazing what youth can get away with wearing!

BigLittleWolf said...

These photos make me miss Europe - dreadfully.