Sunday, 8 August 2010

More Italian Women

I liked the scarf on this lady's bag; it brought a touch of colour that made me notice her in spite of her otherwise neutral outfit.

I practically stalked this poor woman, I loved her red glasses that went with her hair.  Also, the striped trousers did their job and I always love red and grey together.

I can't remember if I snapped this photo because I was impressed with the lady-in-red's stiletto heels on the left, or because I was surprised by the green and red combination on the right.  

Whenever I think of those colours together I think 'Christmas!' but that's because I'm not Italian.  I suspect this is a patriotic look for them.

I mentioned before that linen was seen everywhere.  I liked the white linen with the woman's grey hair.  

She looked ice cool on a hot day.

Bill pointed out this oriental couple and though I'm not sure about the white gloves, I think it's about avoiding sun exposure.   

I thought they were a smart looking couple all the same, and I really liked the flowing lines of her skirt and her long jacket.

This flowing top looked very smart with jeans and heels, but she's obviously thin enough to pull off the look.

This gentleman's bag made me think he's come from work, but her dress said 'party' to me.

The most totally amazing outfit I saw in the whole of our holiday is to be this one.

Don't you think she looks extraordinary?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures - sometimes words are not enough. Do you think that sometimes we can tell where people are from depending on what they wear?

Shelley said...

Jersey Mom - You are right that everyone in those pictures might not be Italian, they could be most any nationality. There was a time, even as recent as the mid 90s when I first moved to the UK, when national styles of dress were obvious. You still see older Brits in cap and short tweed pants occasionally, and of course the Scots have their kilts. I think it's quite sad that the global economy puts chain stores on every corner and that we are all quite homogenous in our dress. But that is the way of it. My guess is that most tourists wouldn't wear spikey heels, but I could be mistaken...