Saturday, 21 August 2010

Frugal Food

This is the title of a book by Delia Smith that Bill bought me a couple of Christmases ago, but I've yet to use.  Delia Smith is a household name here in Britain, sort of like Julia Child in the US, only I haven't heard of a movie being made about her yet.

The book is updated from the first publication that came out in 1976 when apparently times were hard here in Britain.  The current book makes comparisons with those days and comments on the changes in food legislation, availability of a wider range of foods, etc.  In some ways it's a history book as well as a recipe book, so you know I really do like it in spite of not having put it to the test.

We've made two foraging forays into our blackberry patch so far this month.  The old muddy path under the overpass has been paved now and so many others may have become aware of the blackberries to be had.  Nevertheless we came away this second time with a big enough supply that it's going to have to get used as the freezer won't take much more.  Hence, I pulled out Delia's book.  I won't mess with the copyright issues, but will instead refer you to her website where she's published a rhubarb cheesecake recipe.  You can substitute the same amount of blackberries for the rhubarb and come out with pretty much the same recipe as in her book.  (For digestive biscuits - I've always thought that sounded disgustingly medicinal - read graham crackers, close enough).

On her website, Delia talks about having bought something from Elizabeth David, of whom I'm in absolute awe.  I looked to see what she had to say about blackberries and she suggests they be served with 'geranium cream'.  I think I might be in over my head there...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for passing on the info. I've never heard of the book before but now I'm interested!

Struggler said...

Yay for Delia! A movie about her would be fun - didn't she used to own a football (soccer) team?
As for the name digestives, too funny, I had never thought about that. I think they were the ones in the advert with the slogan "A drink's too wet without one". Clever and almost a mantra, I think.

Shelley said...

Funny how advertising slogans stick with you for decades. That's why I am in such awe of advertising - they know their stuff and boy do they get people to spend!