Sunday, 4 January 2009

More Music in Prague

One of the more moving experiences I had in Prague happened when we were trudging up to the hotel one afternoon through a slightly run down street. Jane seemed to notice the music first, being further up the hill. I saw her stop and look around and then I heard it too. I've no idea what classical composer or artist or piece it was, but it was really lovely music and it was being played at a very high volume...from up above.

We finally spotted this little man leaning out of his open window and realised this was his doing.

As the others continued their journey up the road I stopped to take some pictures.

After I took this man's picture, I put the camera down and I waved to him. I thought it was wonderful that he should want to share that beautiful music (though we wondered if his neighbours thought it was that great). Perhaps it was my imagination, but it seemed to me he delayed just a second or two in waving back at me. I was thinking perhaps he needed to shift his weight on his zimmer frame or find a place to prop his cane before he could lift his arm.

We all remarked that the building didn't look very well loved.

It struck me as a rather lonely person who would find pleasure in capturing the attention of the tourists walking past.

I'd like to think that my waving to him lifted his spirits a little. His beautiful music certainly lifted mine.

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