Tuesday, 20 January 2009

It Found Me

We were leaving the house the other day when I spied some 'litter' in the corner of the front garden. I hate having trash in my yard and always pick it up as soon as I spot it. Sometimes I think a corner lot attracts more than usual, but whether it is dropped by the wind or by people, I'm not sure. In any case, I pulled this out of the hedge and my annoyance turned to delight.

When I lived in Salt Lake City I bought rolls of wallpaper people had donated to Deseret Industries, the Morman charity shops, to use for gift wrap. It worked wonderfully and protected the gifts from water as well.

I think this is a lovely print and such is wallpaper that I just rinsed off the little bit of mud on the back and draped it over a radiator to dry. I'm sure it will grace some lucky lady's birthday present in the coming year.

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Anonymous said...

Nice find, or should I say recovery. It will do your package proud.