Sunday, 11 January 2009

Great British Traditions

Like many of the other blogs I read (must do a list some day), I plan on using up some of the food we already have instead of going out and buying more. One of the things we seem to have accumulated a lot of is tinned beans, the kind of beans we used to call "pork-n-beans", I guess because of the small white cube of pork fat included like the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks. I ate one of those fat cubes once; I wouldn't recommend it.

Any how in Britain one is spared the cube of fat; it's just beans in tomato sauce. But they commonly do something with it that I never heard of in the States: Beans on Toast. It's really simple to make. Just toast a piece of bread, put it on a plate, heat the beans, pour them onto the toast and eat. I heard about it long before I ever tried it because I thought it sounded disgusting. But then one day Bill made it for lunch and I tried it and it was amazingly good. It's also very low fat and a good source of protein and whole grain (if you use whole wheat bread), not to mention cheap.

Beans on Toast: I recommend it!

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Rick Stone said...

The only way that even sounds good would be to dump the beans in the trash bin and substitute a big hunk of beef instead. Never understood how anyone could eat beans.