Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy 2009!!

Happy New Year, everyone. So, now it's 2009. Part of me wonders where 2008 went. If you ask me, I probably think it still should be about June 2005. Time always passes faster than I think it should. Anyhow.

Have you made any Resolutions? I haven't for years now. Instead I tend to set myself Goals. I think a Goal not quite met sounds so much better than a broken Resolution -- they don't ever seem to be mendable. I generally manage to achieve at least a few of my Goals which is good, but never all of them. I'm obviously too ambitious.

I know a friend who makes only one Resolution each year. She said her Resolution for 2008 was to answer every email she got within 3 days. I thought that was interesting, but I wrote back to say that I deliberately did not answer emails that quickly as I needed to live a while longer than 3 days in order to have anything to say more than what I wrote in my last email. I don't think I've heard from her since then...or maybe I still owe her another email, I'm not sure.

Still, her single Resolution seems a rather good idea. I think were I to make a single Resolution it would be to put things away right after I'm done with them instead of well, what I do now which is to find things all over the place and wonder how the house got into such a state... Naaa, I think I'll stick with my Goals.

What about you? What are you hoping to accomplish in 2009?

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