Friday, 6 April 2012

Two More Tiny Things

I have had 'make-up tables' in more places in this house than I can remember.  When we slept in the East wing, the window was one (only sometimes the East sun was hard on the eyes).  I used the bathroom mirror for a while, but the lighting was poor, given that a legal requirement is that bathroom windows have frosted glass.

For a while the window sill in the West wing was an ideal place to prop a mirror and I sat on a cedar chest with a basket of make-up and my hair dryer next to me.  When we had new double-glazed windows put in the #&%@ company ripped out my window sill without any notice of the loss.

See?  It's great lighting!
The box room was good, until I put a plant stand there to enjoy the warm western sun and then Bill moved into that corner.  I went back to being a nomad in the mornings til one day I had a brain wave:  I bought one of those glue-on sticky hooks and put it on the bathroom window frame.  It blends right in with the PVC frame and it holds my little mirror.  The northern light is perfect and the window sill holds my make-up until it goes back into a drawer.  So the hook is one tiny thing. 

The other is that I replaced the string hanger on the mirror with a delicate blue ribbon from my Aunt Rita's stash.  It's a teeny-weeny thing, but it does make a difference.

Have you ever been a nomad in your house?


Suburban Princess said...

I had no idea bathroom windows have to have frosted glass! I guess we dont have that law here lol

BigLittleWolf said...

Ha! I love your question, Shelley. I often feel like a nomad in my house, though it's a little house. Still, I wander a bit always wanting to move something or clear out something. (There's plenty that warrants clearing out...)

And I love to "repurpose" - take something not used for a while, and use it in a different room or a different way.

Boywilli said...

The window hook thing is all very good but we only have one bathroom and this puts some of us under stress at times

Anonymous said...

When we had a house full of teenagers, I was often a nomad in my own home and for sanity's sake, I spent a lot of time in the mancave. Since most of them are gone now, I have a study and a bathroom of my own. And, yet, I still do most of my blogging at the dining room table.

Beryl said...

It is an odd feeling to not have to roam around keeping out of the way of all the activity, but now I have my own bathroom and closet. I got a bunch of hooks and hung up my acarves and necklaces in my closet. If it just had running water, I would do all my getting ready in there.