Monday, 23 April 2012

Kissing My House

I've mentioned to some folks that there is a reason I've not replied to comments here or made comments on other blogs as usual:  I haven't really been here.  We have recently returned from six weeks in Australia.  Being the slightly paranoid person that I am, and not wanting to lose the continuity of this blog, I frantically scraped together enough posts to see it through our absence.   It was a long time to be away from home, twice as long as I've ever been absent before.  I missed being in my own home.  When we finally came through the front door, I wanted to kiss my carpet in the front hall, kiss my refrigerator, kiss my bed, kiss my sewing machine, even kiss my toilet (on the tank).  

For all the time away, it was not the holiday we'd planned and certainly not one we would have chosen, but it was what it was.  There were some very good things about it in spite of the headaches and the potential crises and I will look forward to telling you about those good times. 


Beryl said...

I'm glad you're back home. It can get so wearing to be away, even it it's just for vacation. Your away posts were very good and I didn't realize you were gone until you were back.

Anna at the Doll House said...

I think it is the Pope who kisses the ground when visiting another country. I'm not so sure that he does it when he returns home again, but it's very sweet that you were so pleased to be home.


Anonymous said...

I am ready to hear all your traveling tales. I know that feeling of wanting to kiss your bed (or pillow) in my case. I have a peculiar preference for my own bathroom as well!

Rick Stone said...

Aw, the beauty of restricting my travels to wherever my RV will take me. That way I always have my own bed, kitchen and bathroom with me everywhere I go. ;->

Shelley said...

Beryl - I'm so pleased you felt the quality of the posts was sufficient. I don't think I ever run out of what to say...but I could very likely run out of what anyone would wish to read!

Anna - I had no idea that the Pope ever kissed the ground. I wonder what that signifies?

Terri - Well my dear, you are going vicariously to Australia for even longer than I was there. I've just mapped out all my post ideas. You'll think you've emigrated!

Rick - Yes, there are advantages to motorhome travel, but then I would not have seen many of the places I have. I have looked at Pete and Maz' blog and been very impressed with their European travels, but I'm not sure about the economics of renting an RV in Australia. I'm pretty comfortable at Jane's house, it being fairly familiar. I've yet to become as comfortable with our own motorhome, but I expect it will come in time...and summer approaches.

Rick Stone said...

Peter and Marion WERE British subjects that immigrated to this country many years ago, although they still have those funny accents they brought with them. They are now US citizens and have a very large RV here. They also have the smaller one in Europe for their travels there. Not sure I'd be comfortable for extended travel in a smaller coach but a week or two might work.