Saturday, 28 April 2012

Race & Lunch

We're going to spend quite a bit of time in Australia here on the blog, but I don't want to lose track of real life that keeps going on as well.  I say this with two perspectives:  I'm still going to blog three times a week as a rule, to make sure I still have time to live real life.  That said, I'm going to post on the occasional Saturday about what is going on during our real life.  Does any of that make sense? 

A quiet morning, the tide well out...
Either way, Bill, his son Simon and his son-in-law Martin all ran in a local 10K race very soon after our return from Australia. 

The front runners and the lead bike...

I had a number but didn't think it was at all sensible to do a race given the state of my lungs, so I just took photos. 

And then the crowds arrived...

Much like I did last year, except this year was cloudy and cool instead of the beautiful day they had last year

All shapes and ages, with and without bunny ears...

Just as well, cool weather is far better for racing.

After the guys showered and changed at our house we met up with Helen in Tynemouth for lunch at Lola Jeans

I wonder how many dressers died to make that bar...but I still love it.

I'd promised more photos of Lola Jeans after our WI Christmas party there,

Antiques and chandeliers abound (sorry about the poles).

and now have finally made good,

though I'm afraid they aren't great quality. 

Just managed to get the fireplace and not the
men sitting around it...they appreciated being

It was good to catch up with Bill's kids. 

Even if Sarah wasn't around at least we got caught up on her by proxy. 

It's not gossip if it's good stuff about people you care about, right?


Suburban Princess said...

Looks like a fun busy day! Hope you are keeping well!

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

Love that "dresser" bar!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty place!

Smart not to run when you're recovering from asthma difficulties.

Agreed - it's 'news' when it's all good stuff!

BigLittleWolf said...

Yes! That makes perfect sense - and looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

To this American, Australia is worlds and worlds away, and very exotic...

(Love the antiques.)

Beryl said...

I want to go to Lola Jeans - it looks like a perfect place for tea.
The runners look like they are enjoying that run. I like the bunny ears. The run must have been closer to Easter last year.

Anonymous said...

I think I get the blogging scheduled you've suggested. How many races does Bill run in a year?

Rick Stone said...

The big race, the OKC Memorial Marathon, was yesterday. This has become a major race over here and is held every April in conjunction with the anniversary of the bombing of the Federal Building. When is Bill going to come take part in it? In addition to the full marathon they have a half marathon plus some shorter runs and walks. Jo's neice came down from Minnesota a few years ago to run the half marathon.