Friday, 20 April 2012

The Future is Orange

Fashion forward types might realise that Pantone have decreed that the colour for this year is 'tangerine'.  Ask me how much I care what a paint company says about my clothes.  Orange is a pretty tricky colour and I predict a lot of women walking around looking unwell.  But that's not what this is about.

"The future is bright.  The future is Orange." was an advertising slogan here in Britain for a telecom company some time back.  A friend quoted this upon seeing Bill wearing a bright orange vest in holiday snap, a remnant from his running club in previous life.  But this isn't about either of those topics either.

So what am I talking about?  Bill's son, Simon, announced the other day that he was moving to France in June, to a place called Orange, just north of Avignon.  His employers are providing him a house, a car and 24 flights 'home' (or of similar value) per year to sweeten the deal; he expects to be there for two-three years.  Simon has been studying German lately, but I gather he's reasonably comfortable with the prospect of speaking French.  I think he's been looking for an 'adventure' like this for a while, so he's excited.  I'm excited for him.

So, I guess this rather influences determines where we will be going on holiday in future.


Anna at the Doll House said...

Hello Shelly
What an exciting opportunity and with two trips home a month, home sickness will probably not be a problem. Home sickness cast a big shadow over my first years in Norway.

Carolyn said...

How exciting! A wonderful opportunity to holiday in a really gorgeous country... I'm envious ;)
I love orange as a colour, but I think I'm one of the fortunate whose colouring really does suit it.

Shelley said...

Anna - Oh yes, the first couple of years here in Britain I seemed to use all my annual leave travelling back home - to OKC and SLC - as I missed people so. Simon seems to make friends easily and as his girlfriend lives in Germany I doubt we'll see much of him unless we go there (that's my excuse anyhow).

Carolyn - France is lovely, particularly as the average temperature in that area in summer is in the high 80's (my definitely of beauty includes temperature these days). Sadly it is also quite windy, but so is it here. I agree that orange suits you very well indeed. I can wear some shades, but haven't put my finger on how to describe which - the idea of a 'cool' orange shade seems ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great job op....why don't I get offers like that? And, oh poor you...having to take trips to Southern France to support the family. You are one fortunate lady!! : )

Beryl said...

This sounds like an adventure for all of you. I, of course, laughed about the wind comment. Since coming to Oklahoma, I have blogged many times about the Oh, Oklahoma song and that "Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain" line being so true. So I figure if an Oklahoma woman says it's windy, I'd better take it seriously.
PS: Yellow is my favorite color, but orange will do in a pinch.

Anonymous said...

What kind of work does he do? I look forward to your first trip there--as until I retire most of my travels are through people like you.

Anonymous said...

I love orange, and have never been to Orange.

I've wished to visit Avignon ever since my Western Civ classes - seems a place of much historic interest and intrigue.

What a delightful prospect, to be working in another country for a while, and a flattering one as well in that the company values him enough to pay for so much of the adventure.

BigLittleWolf said...

What an adventure indeed! (J'en suis jalouse...)

It sounds like a great opportunity. (And what's not to love about a town called "Orange?")

Rick Stone said...

ORANGE has become my favorite color. Actually Orange and Black since those are the colors of THE university of Oklahoma--the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Shelley said...

Bliss - I do feel I'm very fortunate in my present lifestyle. Not sure that visiting this part of France is going to be the stuff of fantasies, but we shall see...

Beryl - Yes, Oklahoma wind is something else. I found an amazing wind map that explained so much to me...will have to share sometime. If I ever stay home long enough to blog about anything other than travel.

Terri - Simon is a mechanical engineer, a very clever young man with a gift for empathy and diplomacy.

Ilegirl - Yes, it does say something about how the company views Simon, doesn't it? I must keep on a look out for all that history you mention in Avignon, though I must admit that I find Roman history (aside from Pompeii) rather dry. Probably because I don't know enough. And yes, orange definitely suits you.

LBW - I'm wondering what Simon will do at the end of his tenure in France...but that is a ways off and much can happen in 2-3 years.

Rick - I suppose one does begin to spot those things near and dear to one's heart in this way...