Saturday, 27 August 2011

Year of Style - August

The theme for August is 'relax'.  Over here in Europe, most offices practically shut down in August but we retirees seem to be busier than ever this month!  I don't see 'relax' as being on the cards, but never mind, at least we're having fun.  Anyhow, my favourite ideas that Frederic presented for August were:

Think lavender.  Pick fistfuls from your garden, or buy bunches from your florist to arrange in ceramic vases, terracotta flowerpots, old jam jars - anything.  Being frugal, of course, I don't normally buy flowers and as I haven't figure out yet how to make lavender grow in our garden, I just enjoy the smell of others' plants as I pass.  But one day...

Sunny yellows, emerald greens, bright blues are stunning with white clothes.  Glad to know that, as white is my colour for August.  That said, I tend to put it together with navy.  Boring, perhaps, but I like it.

Learn to knit.  It's hip and you can do it almost anywhere.  I'm always a bit weirded out when someone uses the word 'hip' - it was definitely not a good word back when I thought I was an authority on such things, you know, about 40 years ago.  Anyhow, I love knitting, though I'm not particularly good at it.  Our next WI session is going to be about knitting, so I'm looking forward to it!

Smile when picking up the phone.  The caller will hear it in your voice.  I always try to remember this, if not when I pick up the phone at least before I hang up. 

"I base most of my fashion taste on what doesn't itch."  - Gilda Radner  I think that's brilliant advice and I follow it faithfully.  I also took a few minutes to watch a few Gilda videos on YouTube.  For some reason (because I'm always late to the party) I never got into Saturday Night Live and I'm sure my life was poorer for it.


Jo said...

I have trouble growing lavender as well. If you find the secret, please share and I will do the same. It might help if I would stay home and water it regularly. What is the fun in that!

Rick Stone said...

"Smile when you answer the phone". Can't believe how many times I preached that to the Service Reps who took the incoming unemployment claims calls. You've got someone calling in who is already upset for being unemployed. A smile in your voice can go a long way in making it a good call or a problem call.

Fiona said...

I adore the last quote. I have gotten rid of clothing that itches me, and always cut out all and any tags. In fact, cutting out the tag isn't enough, I have to unpick the seam and then stitch it up again or the left-behind cut edge of tag annoys me. I'm not kidding!

I'm a knitter too and also love the smell of real lavender or lavender oil. I try to smile when I talk on the phone and it does make a difference.

This whole post is fabulous. Thank you!