Monday, 22 August 2011

The Dining Room

This is a series of posts about Owatonna State School Museum (starting here), within a series of posts about our three week holiday in the US in June, which starts here.

As usual, I've chopped and changed the order of what we saw to make my own arrangement. 

The Museum housed not only the archives for the state school, but various offices and an art gallery.

Now, the dining room appears to be a sort of function hall for large gatherings, which given its size is very sensible. 

It was also incredibly beautiful. 

The old pictures I've copied are all the more poignant because of of the stark nature of black and white photos. 

Adding colour changes the mood altogether.

Of course, the stained glass screens weren't present when this was a school. 

They had recently been rescued from a Methodist church that was being demolished. 

I doubt that the window screens were there and of course the room was filled with tables, chairs and children.

The shape of the windows and the grand size would be the same.

I was even fascinated with the neat way in which these stacking chairs fit together. 

Not sure how comfortable they would be but I thought they were lovely.

After soaking up so much sadness, it was a relief to see something that lifted the spirit

Neither Bill nor I could get enough of this room. 

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Boywilli said...

As you know I love the Lloyd Wright/McIntosh style. I think the next US trip has to include Oak Park Illinois.