Saturday, 6 August 2011

Oklahoma Freewheel

You probably don't remember that brief reference I made to some cyclists in Coalgate.  I hardly remembered them myself, but it turned out that we were to 'meet' them again.

One of the ideas Pat had for an evening was a concert at the North Oklahoma College Campus at Tonkawa. 

It was put on for Oklahoma Freewheel, but I gathered that outsiders were welcome.  We certain felt welcome, not that we did anything other than take up a sitting space and observe. 

I see from their website that the average age of the cyclists was 47-49 (F-M), so - looking quite young for our age - we fit right in. 

It was a band of middle aged guys playing music from the middle of the 20th century. 

They were a pretty good act.  I liked their music

and I think Bill and Pat enjoyed it as well.

The cyclists were a pretty good act, too.

I always enjoy watching people.


It looks a pretty good deal to me, $140 for a week's cycling and all this:
  • Two fruit stops each day (with water, apples, bananas, oranges, watermelon, etc.).
  • Route security
  • SAG support
  • Marked routes
  • Camping space (outdoor, and limited first-come-first-serve indoor)
  • Shower truck and portable toilets to supplement host community facilities
  • Baggage transportation (limit two bags, 35 pounds each)
  • Route maps (one for each day, with distances, points of interest, etc.)
  • Starting Packet (Information, maps, luggage tags, bicycle tag,...)
  • Finish Packet (Certificate of accomplishment, completion award,...).
  • Final night end of the ride dinner and celebration.

They seem like a fun group of people. 

And they do this every year!

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