Saturday, 12 February 2011

February in Retrospect

I'm aware that I'm not exactly on top of writing these days, for a number of reasons:
  1. I missed my third blogiversary, not that it matters, but I'm still amazed.  Not so much that I've kept going, more how freaking fast the last three years have evaporated! 
  2. I managed to publish Part III of the 'cars I've loved' series before Part II (this is a function of writing drafts and forgetting to change the date);
  3. I see I wrote about January in retrospect and included posts from February.
Be that as it may, I thought I'd have another go at reviewing what I wrote a couple of years ago.  I still enjoy re-reading a lot of my posts, which I hope isn't too narcissistic; then again, some of them make me cringe.  In February 2008 I was still trying to work out what to write about.  This has turned out to be anything that catches my fancy, but leans towards a frugal life in England and some of the hobbies that entertain me cheaply; at least I think that's what it is.  So, allowing for some practice sessions, we'll start with 

2009, in which I:
Then just last year I
You know what?  I think I'm having a really good life!  Hope you are, too.


James said...

Mistakes just show that you're human. Glad that see you think you have a good life. Pleases keep on blogging I really enjoy your site.

Shelley said...

James - You are very good at giving 'gold stars' and encouragement! I shall strive to continue to entertain us both!

The English Organizer said...

That's a great benefit of blogging, that you can look back and see all the great stuff that's been happening. Don't cringe about the early posts; we all change our voices and our viewpoints!

Rick Stone said...

I had previously done some blogging on an AOL site. They decided to do away with that site and just deleted everything. Don't think that will happen here but to be safe I've gone back and stored all the post since day one on a flash drive. Additionally, I've printed each one out and put them in a very large notebook. Now I go in every couple of months and save the newer stuff and print them out. (I convert each post to a PDF file before saving them to the flash drive.) Since most of my blogs have to do with our RV travels it is a good way to relive those trips, especially when we later travel back to some of the same areas like next month. (We are returning to Georgia and points north on the East Coast.)