Thursday, 10 February 2011

Oscar's Clothes

About a month ago I started to work on a second post about the fashions of the inter-war period as shown in movies of that day; it proved much tougher than the first one, but I've not given up.  However, me being easily distracted, this is not that post.  It crossed my mind that I should bone up on the current nominees, but of course that information wasn't available, as I found out.  In my previous life I would try to see at least a couple of the nominated films so I'd know who to route for, but that was then and this is now.

In the meantime, of course, any number of blogs I read have buzzed with news about "The King's Speech" and my money is on that film, in spite of not having seen it - or any of the others.  It's already on my wishlist for my birthday or next Christmas, something I wouldn't normally do without at least a preview.  Why is that?

  • I've yet to see a Colin Firth film I didn't think was excellent, with the possible exception of the second Bridget Jones film.  That said, I've not seen many of his more recent films owing to the fact that cinema is no longer a financial priority.  I may try working my way through his filmography at the library...
  • Geoffrey Rush seems to also routinely deliver quality, even if he chooses some strange roles.  But then he is Australian...
  • It is set in that inter-war time period that I love.  But you knew that already!
  • I've already seen a number of BBC programmes about George VI that were excellent, so I assume I would enjoy any other half way well done programme.
  • Like many, many Brits, I'm a fan of the Queen Mother (Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon); I think she had real character.  And I love her clothes and hats.   Lately when we've watched Harry Potter films, Bill has taken to identifying Bellatrix LaStrange as the Queen Mother, which is rather disconcerting, but it does suggest he is also aware of this Oscar nominated film.

The director?  Producers?  Never heard of them.

But I definitely know the name Jenny Beavan, nominated for an Oscar for her costume design for The King's Speech.  Why is that?

Let's see, that would be Gosford Park, Sense and Sensibility, Room with a View, Remains of the Day, Howard's fact, I could just start another wishlist off her IMDb entry.  In my next life, I want her design skills, OK?

Are you tipping any hot favourites for the 27th?


frugalscholar said...

Mr. FS checked out an audiotape of Room with a View--what a wonderful way to sepnd our commute to work. All those great movies--many great reads (and listens) too.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

love these ... you have excellent taste!