Saturday, 5 February 2011

Beach Babes

We went for a walk on the beach last weekend and I finally remembered to take my camera.  Bill was saintly in his patience with my stopping every two feet to take a picture.  After a while he enjoyed pointing out likely subjects.  

Pugs just turn me to mush, they are so cute and comical.  A woman at work brought hers in one afternoon and I was instantly down on the floor to play with him.  

The dachschund really had to work hard to make his way through the sand, I was well impressed with his determination!

Ya' gotta love the water or love fetching to be willing to wade into the North Sea this time of year.  I'd bet most of my dogs would have balked, looking at me like, "Are you mad?" 

Lakeland terriers are popular here and they are amazingly good runners, ie long distance, in spite of their small size.  They never seem to lose their puppy-ness, either.

All shapes and sizes hurled themselves into that icy water.   

Bill loves Jack Russell's.  I think they are scary they have so much energy.  We watched one girl encourage hers to jump over and over again.  I'd have sworn there was a trampoline hidden under him.

I nearly scooped up this puppy into my pocket but he was squirming all over the beach, getting loads of attention.

This clown, a whippet, was awesome to watch.  He streaked back and forth the width of the beach, twisting and leaping with limitless energy.  The Border Collie could actually keep up, but his movement was horizontal and efficient in comparison.  

Who couldn't love a dog with a face like this?

He doesn't look that massive, but his is a Baskerville bark.   People love it when you take photos of their dog.

This tiny brown poodle was so pround of her stick, she drove the other dogs nuts trying to take it from her.  

Lovely to see a bit of dignity for a change, with this kindly old Basset hound.

I told Bill I figured this photography fed my doggie longing and helped put off the day... but some day...

Do you take pleasure from other people's dogs?


Cotton Blossom said...

I never would have thought to take pics of a dog that didn't belong to me... LOL! So funny. Looks like y'all had fun.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

i'm with you on that jack russell terrier; man they've got energy, but this little guy in the jacket is the cutest of the bunch for my money.

re: car's i've loved, part ii, i'd have to say your datsun was cool, but my brother tr3 was amazing also. both were deathtraps!

Rick Stone said...

Dogs are fun and I really can't see us without them. Little Brandi Jane was our first but is now gone. Our Buddy Joe will be 10 next month and is slowing down some. Little Bridgit Jeane is just over a year old and full of life and keeps us entertained wondering what she will get into next. Of course, we are Miniature Schnauzer people and probably will not have anything else. They make great traveling companions.

A Dog Called Ben said...

We wouldnt be without our shaggy dog Ben. He is crazy for the sea in all weathers. He can go from Seaton Sluice to Blyth without hardly leaving the water.

He likes Tynemouth but only in the off season.