Sunday, 11 April 2010

Going Ashore

So, even though one has all the comforts of home, aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia, bar one's horse perhaps, and even though

one has no trouble getting people to come visit, bring one's post or probably anything else one wishes;

sometimes one just needs to go ashore.

That's when the Royal Barge comes in handy.

Even to my non-nautical eye, this is a thing of beauty.

Once one is on land, how does one get around? In this, of course, a Rolls-Royce Phantom V.

This official state car was presented to Her Majesty the Queen in 1960 and is on loan with the kind permission of Bentley Motors Limited, Crewe, Chesire.

(Talk about advert placement...)

Don't ask me how it gets ashore, one just waves ones hand and these things happen, a royal hand being almost as good as Harry Potter's wand.


Struggler said...

What, the Rolls Royce is on the ship, too? How funny, to take your car with you at all times...
I suppose maybe it's not so different than the families who tow their smaller car along behind their RVs... that always makes me smile, too, especially when their 'small' car is bigger than anything you'd see on the roads in the UK.

TKW said...

Now that's living, isn't it? Transporting your RR on your lovely boat...sigh.

James said...

Thank you for an extremely interesting series of posts.