Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Beds & Bars

Here's where being un-nautical gets me into real trouble.

After officers, I've no idea about the next groupings of the men.

There will be a sharply defined hierarchy, I know.

After all this isn't just a military setting, but a British military setting.

Everyone will have known their place, right down to their numerical order, I'm sure.

There were two more bars and sleeping quarters we saw and I cannot tell you who slept where.

The whole thing about separate bars and all says a lot about the British culture, the role of alcohol and of segretating the various classes.

In addition to the seamen, there were also members of a band, the HM Royal Marines Band Service, according to their website. I remember the recording saying that storing one's personal possessions was always a challenge, particularly when one had to change clothes as many as SIX times a day.

I can't remember who needed such an extensive wardrobe, I'm sorry to say. Surely the crew had better things to do than be changing clothes all the time? So, I can only guess it was the band.

Makes the Duchess of Marlborough, with her mere four changes a day, look positively slovenly.


Revanche said...

I've just met someone who was a member of the British Royal Navy. Not entirely sure if his mannerisms are peculiar to that institution, though.

Boywilli said...

Wake up at the back there!! There will be a test at the end.

Shelley said...

Revanche - I'd love to hear about his mannerisms!

Boywilli - Yeah, I know, I shoulda taken notes...

TKW said...

Jeez, look at that gi-normous tiara! How did she not have a horrendous headache after wearing that thing?

Rick Stone said...

Basically you have Officers and enlisted. A term used for many years, which originated with the British, was the Officers and MEN. We non-officer's always appreciated that line. It appears the enlisted crew lived a little better on this Royal Yatch than they would in a regular man-of-war. (Funny, Naval ships are called a "man-of-war" but we then always referred to them as she.) I'm sure you didn't start this to be schooled on the Naval Service but the 27 years I spent with the U.S. Navy just seems to come out. This does appear to be a beautiful vessel and it would be fun to explore it.

Shelley said...

Rick - On one hand, you are right: I'm not that personally interested in the Naval Service; on the other, I did have your interests largely in mind when I wrote up these posts, so do feel free to reminisce! I like the thing about Officers and MEN; just the way in which things can rather backfire!