Saturday, 7 November 2009

Shelleys House Etsy Shop

You may or may not have noticed the Shelleys House Etsy* Shop added to the column on the right. I've meant to do that for absolutely ages. It took me a full year to get those hangers made, figure out how to open the shop and then how to add the shop to this blog. I'm thinking the photos could have been a bit better, but improvements will have to await a sunny day not already filled up with meeting other deadlines.

Yes, I do recognise that the hangers are a bit odd, but as I said in an earlier post, they really make me smile. So I thought they might make someone else smile, too. I love making them.

On the other hand, I may be at risk of being listed on a new website which makes fun of the odder items on Etsy, called Regretsy [Handmade? It looks like you made it with your feet!].

I'm not linking to it, you'll have to go find it for yourself. Before you do, be warned it selects some of the very weirdest items listed in Etsy, items I had no idea were there. I think of Etsy as being full of cute, cuddly child-friendly stuff mostly made up by SAHM's. These are not like that. Some are perhaps classed as 'adult'. Personally, I think there should be a category for 'certifiable', these items are disturbingly insane.

That's not all she lampoons, though. She, "Helen Killer", is fairly cruel to some of the listings by some possibly rather naive shop owners (perhaps I am one?). There's also lots of just plain silly stuff and her scathing comments are a riot.

Strangely, however, most shop owners are mainly concerned that she links to their items to give them more exposure -- and many apparently are sold. If I worry about the mental state of the creators, I certainly hope never to meet any of the buyers alone in a dark street. Creepy stuff aside, much of the content is hilarious and I did laugh a lot.

So one does wonder if it's best to get into Regretsy and increase the traffic to your crafted items; some of these items have been viewed like 6000 times.

Hmmmm....neh. I think I'll leave that as a last resort, eh?

*Etsy is a weird name all by itself and apparently what it means is a secret...


sallymandy said...

Hi! Looking forward to going over to your Etsy site. I'm about to open one myself. Much luck to you.

("Regretsy"??! Some people just have to be mean, don't they?)

Anonymous said...

I heard the creators of regretsy are getting sued.