Saturday, 21 November 2009

Can't Resist

I know I said I was leaving Australia, but I did say I would tell you more about a couple of things.

This is what a cockatoo sounds like. Mind I think this one is more upset than any I ever saw, but it explains why Bill calls them pterodactyls.

These are to let you hear kookaburras. I don't remember which was better -- I had to research this on Bill's computer, as the sound doesn't work on mine.

I was also sad to realise I'd not shared my

favourite pictures of Jane and granddaughter

Nelly Joy, so decided to rectify that.


Jane said...

Isnt little Nelly a cutie!

sallymandy said...

Baby is such a cutie, and I think I see a resemblance between her and her the eyes? Am I right?

Shelley said...

Sallymandy - Do you know, I'm not sure. I'm the world worst at spotting family resemblances. I wanted to look at Jane's pictures -- she has on shades in most of them!! The best think about Nelly was how quiet she was, very absorbed with what was going on, not the whirlwind that her brother is. She has a younger sibling on the way...I'm hoping for a quiet little boy, so that if Nelly has to be a middle child, she can at least be the only girl. Mom and Dad will be happy, of course, with a healthy child - everyone's bottom line, really.

Jane said...

She is very like her dad at the same age so there could be some similarities. And she will be having a sister, but as she is developing a quiet but very strong and definite personality I hope she will survive, she has it over her brother every time already.