Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Out of Salad Dressing

There are only certain movies and TV programmes that Bill will watch. I can't reliably put my finger on what he will or won't like. To date, I've learned that he'll watch Harry Potter, Cold Comfort Farm, Smiley's People, American Werewolf in London (I won't dignify it with a link), Lord Peter Wimsey films (I much prefer Petherbridge to Carmichael, not to mention Harriet Walter), Day of the Jackal, The Italian Job (the old one, of course), and Inspector Maigret; if you can identify the theme here, I'd love to know it.

This last series was completely news to me and I didn't realise until Bill told me that the man who plays Inspector Jules Maigret is the same as the most recent Dumbledore, Michael Gambon. Although the setting is supposed to be Paris (I'm beginning to sound suspiciously like a Francophile, aren't I?), the episodes were actually filmed in Eastern Europe. I think that just goes to show how much the old European cities have in common architecturally.

For the longest time I kept saying the name May-gret, which Bill said made him think of vinegrette; it is of course supposed to be said May-Gray. In any case, we've watched these episodes all the way through, and I'm sorry to see them finished. Until the next Harry Potter film comes out on DVD, I guess we'll be reading in front of the fireplace instead.


FB @ said...

I'm interested in Jules Maigret now..

Is it all in French? :) I can practice if it is!!

Thanks for the 'eads up.

Shelley said...

FB - Aren't you a hoot? Nope, it's all in English, but of course the names and the place names are all in French.

In spite of a subtle sort of anti-French sentiment woven into British culture (they were after all at war for several hundred years), many Brits have 2nd homes in France and pride themselves on speaking the language at least passably. (Shows they're educated, don't you know...

If you get the Maigret DVD, I'll be envious that you get to see it for the first time. Just be careful you don't get a crush on Dumbldore / Gambon / Maigret, weird though perhaps it sounds. Must be the French atmosphere and all... said...

I live with someone who likes May-gray as well. If you're watching the one with Bruno Cremer, my husband knows him. I met him once at a big dinner party. I think his wife is a psychiatrist. Just thought I'd throw that in for what it's worth.

Is it or was it true that John Cleese's wife was/is also?

Would have rather met him. Just thinking about him makes me laugh.


Shelley said...

Tish - You must move in interesting circles if you meet famous actors. That said, I had to look up Bruno Cremer to find out he also played Maigret. I'm so enamoured of Gambon I don't know if I could make the switch but I'll mentioned it to Bill (or he'll read it here).

While I was at it I looked up John Cleese. I did know who he was, but my funny bone just doesn't point in the direction of Monty Python; it just annoys me. It's a wonder I can bear to live in England, with just a deficiency of humour, though I do recognise his genius.

Cleese' wife #3 was a psychotherapist, incidently from Oklahoma. They are now divorced and according to Wikipedia he used his wit to whinge about her. I'm always a bit nervous around people with a rapier tongue at the ready, expecting I'll get wounded no doubt. Still, if he can make so many people laugh I suppose we'll let him live.

Lovely to have your comments. Thanks so much for stopping by!